Helpost is an all stop ‘Prosocial – professional and social networking platform’. It is a web portal for people to find and provide help, and connect thereafter.

On Helpost, people write a post to seek help (help could be anything from looking for vocational classes to high-end professionals, from advice to maybe directions, from emotional guidance to a call for SOS) by using relevant Hashtags. Other people around them, based on their skills and locations can view the post and mutually connect. They can even directly search for relevant people for help by searching for particular skills.


Helpost is an initiative started with a sole purpose of creating a community where people come together to help each other. Lets face it, everyone needs some sort of help in life, be it professional or personal. Helpost is here to let you know that there is somebody in the world out there to assist you, always; an idea born with the essence to create a social network. Helpost solely exists to find help for all possible needs; no companies, just individuals offering help and receiving help. It could be free or chargeable, based on their location. In a nutshell, it’s people in the same ecosystem finding each other for the right purpose at the right time. The core idea is to direct these people to one another.


HELPOST is a project that moves along the idea, “Helping Helpers Help worldwide”. We are a worldwide eproject connecting the world through common emotions and a single spirit. The spirit of ‘OWON’. “One world one nation”


The mission is to create a new internet culture with equal emphasis on emotional and economic utility.